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American Challenge Driving School, DMV License Number E2016, offers IN-CAR drivers training. One on One driving instruction by DMV licensed driving instructors. We also provide a referral to a reputable online drivers education school we highly recommend and link from this site.

American Challenge Driving School has been giving excellent driving instruction, licensed and approved by the DMV in San Luis Obispo County for over 20 years!! Our business and our instructors have continuously operated with full knowledge and cooperation within the regulations and control of the California DMV. The DMV issues our business and instructors the proper licenses, and all driving schools must renew their licenses every two years, and instructors must renew and retest every three years. We have never, at any time, operated without the proper licenses or DMV knowledge or approval! American Challenge has been serving San Luis Obispo County since 1993. We are very proud of the safe drivers we have helped license and our record of not a SINGLE at-fault accident in the past 20+ years of 1000's of hours of teaching beginner drivers not only how to drive but to drive defensively and safe!


Don't be fooled by unscrupulous companies that try to tell you they are cheaper and only charge $85 a lesson but fail to tell you they are 4 lessons priced at 1 1/2 hr each, so for the required 6 hours, you pay a total of $340 or more, costing you several dollars more.. **See below for the cost of our 1 1/2 hr lesson.

For North SLO County

(Ascadero/Templeton/Paso Robles, and More)
$315 Total for 6 hrs.
Mention our website and get a $15 discount, refer a friend and they get the discount too

Payment can be made per lesson. ($105 per lesson for North County. 3 x $105 = $315 total.)   OR

SLO County Coast

(SLO/Morro Bay/Cayucos/Cambria)
$330 Total for 6 hrs.
We do three (3) two-hour lessons for the total of the 6 hours required.

$110 per lesson for SLO Coast $110 x 3 = $330 total, or you can mix any combination. Whenever the student is picked up and dropped off in either area, the appropriate fee will be charged.

California Online Drivers Education

DriverEdToGo offers an excellent online driver education program for very reasonable prices. Click on the link below to take you to their website and get more information.

American Challenge Driving School

Adult/Senior Hourly Rate

Adult and Senior lessons can be 1-1/2 hour sessions.
$60/Hr. or $80 for 1-1/2 hr. lesson for North SLO County
$65/ Hr. or $85 for 1-1/2 hr. lesson for Coast SLO County

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